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Community Voices

 A strong community, founded on a culture of respect and positive engagement, is a core element of Chatsworth’s identity

Class Page

Class of 2012

Kirsten Coventry

I credit my comfort with public speaking and a lot of soft skills to doing Drama at IB - enabling me to explore my individual creative expression, whilst also improving my self-expression.

Parent of 2 Chatsworth students

Samantha Redfern

I would say talk to the children. We did when we came for our tour and they were all beaming telling us how much they loved it there. I always think that's a great indication of what a school is really like.

Year 10 student

Wildaan Bin Mohd Azwan

I’m currently in both the book club and the basketball team. Liking reading and sports, being in these CCAs allow me to engage with both interests.

Primary Teacher

Daniela Entressangle

I love working with such supportive inspirational colleagues that truly value collaboration and teamwork. And of course, I love the students at Chatsworth. We grow, learn and laugh together.

Class of 2009

Yasushi Tokunaga

Pursuing IB in Chatsworth and debating ideas with teachers and friends have prepared me well to think critically on issues making the headlines.

Parent of 3 Chatsworth students

Azzah Atique

We strongly believe that schools are the academies where children are nurtured and build their permanent personalities. If the foundation is strong, the added values are always groomed.

Year 13 student

Bianca Cecamore

My favourite subjects are chemistry and biology. Although they can be really challenging, I enjoy learning about how the world around us works at a microscopic level.

Assistant Head of Secondary

Daniel Costich

What I like about the school is its diversity, being part of a community where everyone comes from a different background yet through communication, respect and tolerance we all learn to get along.

Class of 2013

Walden Putterman

Take everything in and be proud of your accomplishment! Never again will you be part of a community like Chatsworth, so appreciate your final moments there. At the same time, don’t be fearful of the future.

Parent of 2 Chatsworth students

Sarah Ameer

If you are looking for a smaller school where teachers actually “know” your children and are really willing to go the extra mile, then Chatsworth could be the school for you.

Year 6 student

Vedang Jayaram

My favourite subject is PE, since we get to play different games and sports in the Sports Hall and sometimes at The Nest. The thing I like about Chatsworth is the way to get to PE through the forest as Chatsworth is surrounded by trees and forest.

School Nurse

Parvathy D/O Sundramuthi

I love being with kids, the school's transparent policy and the community here at Chatsworth as everyone, be it staff, parents or students, is always ready with a helping hand.

Class of 2015

Paul Denty

I speak to people from all around the world every day in my current job so that cultural awareness and rapport is much easier to build since I came from an international background.

Parent of 4 Chatsworth students

Roshika Ranasinghe

I am actively involved in the CPG. I love the beautiful community of parents we have in Chatsworth. We help in organising events, helping out in the library, welcoming new parents, providing second hand uniforms, etc.

Year 10 student

Aleksandra Kupiec

One of my favourite things about Chatsworth is the community. The smaller size of our school makes it feel more family-like, and everyone is understanding and accepting towards one another.

Parent of 3 Chatsworth students

Amy Moon

I think my kids most love the people of Chatsworth. Their teachers are kind and competent and always willing to help. They love going to school to meet with friends and classmates.

Year 10 student

Rotem Veinstein

Art is my favourite subject. I've always loved how I can bring my personal life and experiences into artworks. Art is a way I like to deal with stress and I am always able to be myself on an artwork.

Year 4 student

Antoine Trombetta

I decided to make some origamis and sell them in profit of ItsRaining Raincoats charity because I knew the migrant workers don't have presents for Christmas.

Music and Theatre Teacher

Jake Eades

I love the fact the school has always supported the Arts and always invested in our Arts programmes to grow, develop and expand them.

Class of 2015

Saheel Singh

My favourite memories were built with the friends I made at the community at Chatsworth. I am still close to all my friends at Chatsworth till this day.

Parent of 2 Chatsworth students

Abigail Browne

Chatsworth is a great place if you want to follow the IB program, have a nurturing and caring environment, one where the teachers genuinely care and where your kids will want to go to school every morning!

Class of 2020

Camellia Pham

I speak for my friends when I say that many of our teachers were role models who taught us lessons about life and were always open to offer a hand and ear whenever we faced a problem (be it academic or personal).

Year 6 student

Mia Smit

I like the way they (the teachers) teach and the way they help you when you make mistakes. Mistakes help us know we need a little extra help.

Year 12 Student

Christoph Cuan

Learning to play the violin is one of my accomplishments during the MYP. I studied the instrument as part of my Personal Project. Right now, I’m preparing to take the ABRSM practical exam.

Maintenance Administrator

Abdul Gani

Every morning rain or shine, I help to marshall the traffic coming into the campus and being able to meet and greet families is something I find enjoyable too.
Laura-Blanchard- Community Voices

Chatsworth Parent

Laura Blanchard

I volunteer to help in the school library regularly (when parents are allowed on campus!), which has been a great insight into how the school works (as the IB system is very different to the UK education system).

Year 13 student

Aditya Poply

Tutoring as a community service was very attractive because helping my juniors understand the fundamental concept of mathematics and helping them achieve better grades was very satisfying.

Year 6 student

Kokomi Oyama

I would like to meet Malala Yousafzai because I learned about child rights and I was interested in it. Also I was surprised by how she fought to get her rights even though she was only a child like me.

MYP Art & Design Teacher

Cory Desmond

I chose Chatsworth based on my interactions with the school administration and human resources on several occasions over a period of time, as well as for the small but international community it offers.
Community voices

Head Receptionist

Violet Loi

Having moved to Bukit Timah, I definitely miss the ease and convenience Orchard has. But I am amazed at how I am loving the lively atmosphere surrounded by the greenery and the regular sightings of the wildlife here.

Parent of 2 Chatsworth students

Robert Lyons

We wanted a school where both James and George felt a part of. Where life skills are as important as the sciences and academia. We love the approach to giving the children the skills they need to understand the world around them.

Kota Wanajo, Year 9 student

Kota Wanajo

I joined the Chatsnews CCA for a year and really enjoyed it. The experiences have helped me when I needed to show what I have done in my school when I took exams in Japan.

Aruna Silva, Year 12 student

Aruna Silva

I love the ocean and going to the beach, especially being from Hawaii where there are beautiful beaches, therefore I was inspired to paint the mural about plastic pollution.

Library Assistant

Yati Hussein

I fell in love with the school environment as it is a great place to build relationships. I really enjoy interacting with the children. Seeing their happy faces every day brings me joy.

Class of 2018

Justine Bockenmeyer

Finding a balance between multiple classes and sustaining a social life is another aspect that I grasped thanks to IB and I now utilise in order to manage nine courses which vary every semester.

Parent of 2 Chatsworth students

Tiffany Ma

I love seeing the children and their families come together during special events. It’s very uplifting to watch everyone happily enjoying themselves!
Kiran Pengelly.

Year 8

Kiran Pengelly

I was in the U14 Boys Football team last year and I think that I came out as a better team player because I got to play with new people and have learned to adapt the way I collaborate.

Year 12

Lilowen Trottet

I love exploring a wide range of different stories and perspectives in English literature, from 'The Metamorphosis' by Franz Kafka to 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath.

EAL Teacher

Samuel Choi

I love the community aspect of the school. It's true of the students, teachers, and parents. I love hearing about what the students do for fun and what they do during their weekends and breaks.

Class of 2019

Melody Song

I really stepped out of my comfort zone to try what I would never have thought of doing - like performing a dance routine in school for the first time, participating in peer counselling, etc. It’s really these memories that stay with you after graduating.

Class of 2018

Hana Dyke

I now understand how amazing opportunities in CAS have been - it has enabled me to give back to the community as well as keep myself fit and healthy.

Class of 2017

Matteo Cecamore

I really enjoyed the openness and helpfulness of the teachers who were willing to support me with coursework and university applications.
Eleri Connor

Assistant Head of Primary & IBPYP Coordinator

Eleri Connor

I am thankful that we are away from the city and surrounded by nature, I just love listening to the birds and wildlife when I arrive in the morning.

Primary Music Teacher

Allan Marcelo

I love organising and designing an event, creating decors, painting, making DIY stuff, I also enjoy doing set design and making props.

Kindergarten Teacher

Kenya Barros

I love the multi-cultural community and how the school leaders support us on our very best practices.

Spanish and French Teacher & EAL Support Teacher

Clara Aguado

I love the location. I also love the kind of students we have here: they are kind, curious and approachable.

Kindergarten Teacher

Liesl Pinto

Chatsworth has been my home for me and my family for the last 13 years. It made me feel settled when I was new to Singapore and has been my support ever since.