Open House April 2023
Students participating at Christmas bazaar

Chatsworth In The Community

Chatsworth students and our school community regularly raise funds for our adopted charities and other good causes

Chatsworth believes in giving back to the community. The school creates meaningful platforms and activities in which our students are encouraged to participate and give back to the community. Our community is very active within Singapore and works with other global organisations striving to make a difference in the world. Through such programmes, the students develop holistically and learn to be socially responsible people.

Our Adopted Charities


Blue Dragon

One of our main adopted charities is the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is an Australian charity working in Vietnam with children in crisis. Blue Dragon children are street children, children with disabilities, children from rural families living in extreme poverty, and victims of human trafficking and slavery. The foundation supports over 1,500 of the most vulnerable children throughout Vietnam every year.

The foundation receives proceeds from fundraising activities organised by Chatsworth students. At times, our high school students will visit the foundation to work with and assist the children who come from a variety of disadvantaged circumstances. The founder of Blue Dragon and some of the children from Vietnam have previously visited our Orchard campus and expressed their gratitude for Chatsworth’s efforts. The school has, in the past, sponsored selected students from Blue Dragon to complete their secondary education at Chatsworth.


Caring for Cambodia

Caring for Cambodia (CFC) is a charity for the children in Cambodia. Since the Khmer Rouge’s reign, many children in Cambodia have suffered a gap in their education. With the firm belief that education is the way to pave a brighter future, Caring for Cambodia set out to raise funds and build schools to educate Cambodia’s next generation.

For over ten years, with the help of people around the globe, CFC has changed the face of education in Cambodia and contributed to a brighter future for thousands of Cambodian students and teachers.

CFC is a non-profit, non-governmental, charitable organization, which provides a free education for impoverished children spanning pre-school to high school. CFC professionally trains its teachers, and provides everything a child needs to succeed, including food, water, uniforms, school supplies, computers, transportation and basic healthcare. CFC is run predominantly on volunteer support, which ensures that the dollars raised directly support our students and their education

To learn more, speak to any member of our Charity Club, both in Primary or Secondary or you can email

Besides our adopted charities, our students and school community raise money regularly to benefit a range of good causes which students help identify. 


Other Acts of Kindness