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Chatsworth International School

Student Body

  Teacher: Student Ratio
2:22 (K1 & K2)
2:24  (Y1 & Y2)
1:24 (Y3-Y13)
Year of Opening

Nationalities Represented

Maximum Class Size

Chatsworth Preschool

Student Body

Teacher: Student Ratio

1:5/6 (Playgroup/Pre-N) 1:8 (N)
1:10/11 (K1/K2)
Year of Opening

In a Nutshell

Established in 1995, Chatsworth International School is a product of a handful of teachers and students founding the school in Upper Serangoon. From our humble beginnings of only five students, our student population has grown to more than 800 at two campuses. Both campuses offer international education and attract students from diverse nationalities. Notwithstanding this, Chatsworth International School has built and maintained a small school ethos and we take pride in providing a nurturing and trusting environment where students are given the space to explore, learn and grow.

The two international campuses are part of the Chatsworth Group of Schools, which also include a local preschool registered with the Early Childhood Development Agency in Singapore. Chatsworth Preschool runs the local curriculum for children aged between 18 months and 6 years, preparing them for primary education in Singapore mainstream schools.