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CCAs and ECAs provide opportunities for students to discover new passions and enrich their school life

CCAs and ECAs

CCAs and ECAs provide opportunities for students to discover new passions, hone their skills and enrich their school life

Co-Curricular activities (CCAs) and Extracurricular activities (ECAs) are an important part of student life. These activities provide opportunities for students to participate in team-based sports, discover new passions, develop social skills, play together and, most importantly, have fun! It is mandatory that students in Years 7 to 11 participate in at least one CCA or sports team per semester. Each academic year, the CCAs and ECAs are offered in three seasons.

We offer before school and after-school activities with a small number of CCAs being by invitation only and tryouts. A small number of activities, mostly mother tongue CCAs or school sports teams, are by invitation only or may require tryouts. The teachers in charge are in direct contact with parents and provide relevant information about sports based events.

In the secondary school, in addition to various sports teams which are mainly competitive, students can choose from a wide range of CCAs conducted by the teachers and sometimes the seniors. Some of these include Model United Nations, photography, Phoenix Times publication, fitness, dance, school band, and rock band.


Co-curricular activities

Students choose from a variety of CCAs which include sports-based activities, competitive or otherwise, which are offered in three seasons throughout each academic year. These activities cater to varying interests, for example arts, music, physical and fitness, interest clubs, creating the school newsletter.


Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are run by external providers who are contracted to provide their programme on campus for our students. Some examples of ECAs available include Whizz Kidz photography, clay modelling, debate, swimming, art kids, fun science, Little League soccer, and drumming.

More than 40 CCAs and team-based sports are offered in each of our three seasons each school year. From languages to STEM-related activities to recreational sports to performing arts, there are abundant opportunities for students to enrich their school life.