Open House April 2023
U19 Boys Football after winning the Game

Athletics and Sports

The goal of athletics or sports at Chatsworth is to develop a commitment to lifelong physical fitness, and to develop life skills such as teamwork, effective communication and leadership

Competitive sports are offered under the auspices of ACSIS (Athletic Conference Singapore International Schools), of which Chatsworth is an active member. ACSIS is an association comprising Athletic Directors and Heads of Sport from over 30 International Schools in Singapore. The organisation offers five age groups which cover both Elementary and Secondary levels. Here at Chatsworth, we try to field as many teams as possible in different age groups and sporting activities.

Through ACSIS, students from Year 3 through Year 13 have the opportunity to compete in basketball, badminton, soccer, cross country running, swimming, ultimate frisbee, touch rugby and netball across the three sporting seasons of each academic year. While the development of sportsmanship and collaborative play is the main goal, the ability to provide an equal opportunity for all of our students who show a commitment to the sport, is at the heart of the programme. All competition information is regularly updated on the ACSIS website. At the end of each season, students who have participated in competitive sporting teams are acknowledged at a special Awards Assembly.

Football at Chatsworth is popular with boys and girls ,across a range of age groups. Our students work really hard at developing their essential skills and becoming better footballers. Chatsworth students are occasionally invited to prestigious international soccer clubs, such as FC Feyenoord, for try-outs.

With both an outdoor basketball court and a huge indoor sports hall that can cater to and host basketball and a variety of sporting games, our students have plenty of opportunities to hone their athletics skills in the game.

While competitive badminton, singles and doubles for boys and girls, is played under the ACSIS umbrella, we also offer badminton to students of all abilities as part of our co-curricular activities. “Winning isn’t easy, but when you have so much fun playing and improving what you love, it merely becomes the icing on an already delicious cake.” - Mr Shelly, Coach

Netball is mostly played by girls at primary and middle school level. Boys are also welcome to play the sport and usually form part of the team at the primary level.

Touch rugby is a growing and dynamic sport amongst girls at Chatsworth. Nothwithstanding that many of them have not played the sport before, they gain valuable experience and improve their skills in each and every game. We are very proud of our U14 Girls team for clinching our first Gold medal in the academic year 2019-20.

Students get the opportunity to compete in inter-school running meets, including the ACSIS Cross Country Championships. Our student athletes also represent the school and compete in the Track and Field Championships, securing fantastic results.

Mixed ultimate frisbee offers a lot of fun as it is a team comprising boys and girls of various ages and abilities. In a game using a flying disc where throwing and catching are key skills, our students have definitely picked up great techniques from the teacher coach. “A disc is catchable until it hits the ground”.

Our swimmers participate in several swim meets with other international schools yearly, which are wonderful opportunities for the team to interact and swim with others at such friendly events. Our primary school also organises swim galas at the intra school level.

Sports and Athletics

Students engaged in sporting and physical activities, competitive or otherwise, will explore a variety of concepts that help foster the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will contribute to their balanced and healthy lifestyle.