Open House April 2023
The Arts at Chatsworth International School are thriving and inspiring

The Arts

The Arts at Chatsworth International School are engaging, vibrant and inspiring!

Developing Artistic Pursuits and Interests

Education in the arts involves students intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. From visual arts to drama or school musicals and many arts-related CCAs and events, there are abundant opportunities for Chatsworth students to discover and hone their artistic talents and interests. It’s all about holistic education, and the arts are integral to this.

Each year, our students continue to amaze us with their many talents, from Arts Nights and participation in the IN Art Exhibition at the Australian High Commission, from IB Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition to various school productions and dance competitions, amongst others. Art gallery visits and music field-trips are also organised to further broaden students’ learning. One of our talented students from the Class of 2020 won the High School Video Art Award and the Best Overall Award with an animated film in the 2017 Singapore International Student Film Festival (SISFF) when he was in Year 9.

We have educators on our staff who are involved in the community, playing piano professionally, performing their own songs and covers in live bands, recording and mixing music, singing in choirs, directing and acting in local theatre. The love we have for our art forms is well communicated to our students.

Celebrating the Arts

Our talented young artists participate in the International Schools Art Exhibition (IN Art) with their amazing artworks every year. We also look forward to the Art Exhibitions presented by our students from all year levels each year. Each of their art pieces reflects the students' skills, passion and dedication they have put into the pursuit of arts excellence.

Whether it is a rendition of a play, a musical or drama that is entirely written and produced by our inspiring teachers, there’s a thriving performing arts programme at Chatsworth. Students will find plenty of opportunities to hone their theatre and related skills. They can choose to be involved as an actor, a dancer, a musician or singer or backstage as a stage-manager, crew or technician.

Our students demonstrate their interest in music through subject acquisition or music-related CCA participation. In our primary school, students are introduced to the world of music through hands-on music lessons. They also get the opportunity to participate in recitals where they can shine. In the MYP and DP Music courses, students continue their instrumental training and develop aspects of musicianship.

Facilities such as our drama room, our main hall with stage lighting, the visual art rooms, music rooms, sound-proof and acoustically padded music practice rooms, all support the vibrant arts programme. Our music facilities are well utilised by our students to practice, create and record music and complete assessment tasks.