Open House April 2023
Students alighting from shuttle bus

School Bus

Chatsworth appoints an independent bus operator to provide transportation for both door-to-door as well as shuttle service to/from the school and nearby MRT

Door-to-Door Transportation

The school has appointed bus operator Tong Tar Transport Service to provide transportation for Chatsworth families. Tong Tar has been in the bus service industry for over 40 years, providing transport to all sectors in Singapore, including a number of local and international schools. Each bus has an attendant and seat belts to ensure the safety of the students. The bus operator provides a monitoring service for parents where students ‘tap’ upon entering and exiting the bus and this information is sent to parents via a mobile app. 
For direct school bus transport, please contact Tong Tar Transport Service at (65) 6261 5537  or email: For more information on Tong Tar, please visit their website.

Campus Shuttle Bus

Chatsworth provides shuttle bus service before and after school hours to provide pick-up and drop off from nearby Sixth Avenue MRT station (Downtown Line DT7). An EZ-Link system, similar to those found on public transport, is installed on the shuttle buses and all passengers will be required to ‘tap on’ when boarding the bus. Passengers will not be required to ‘tap off’ when they alight (this is different from public transport).

The cost for the shuttle bus is $2.50 per rider, per trip. All students and parents will need to ensure they have sufficient value on their EZ-Link cards in order to ride the school shuttle. The shuttle bus service is only available from Monday through Friday on school days.


1 Pick-up and Drop off Point (Sheltered)
      Sixth Avenue MRT Station Exit A - along Bukit Timah Road
      Chatsworth shuttle buses are clearly identified with Chatsworth signage displayed in the bus window.

Sixth Avenue MRT to Campus: 7.05am - 8.35am (last bus leaves Sixth Avenue at 8.35am)
Campus to Sixth Avenue MRT: 9am

Sixth Avenue MRT to Campus: 3.10pm (Non-CCA days); 3.10pm and 4.10pm (CCA days)
Campus to Sixth Avenue MRT: 3.30pm - 6.05pm (last bus leaves Campus at 6.05pm)

Download shuttle bus schedule


Each morning, Chatsworth students and parents are greeted by a familiar face as they enter our school gates. A school staff member be they a teacher, maintenance staff, head of primary, head of secondary or head of school, meets and welcomes students to school each morning - a testament to our welcoming and friendly environment